Building Software for a Better Business

Information technology is a critical foundation for today's businesses. SoftCraft Development knows how to build that foundation.

Craig Walker: Professional Software Developer

I am an independent software developer and technology consultant. My company is SoftCraft Development, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and available to help businesses worldwide.

I've been developing successful business software applications for over a decade. My industry experience, extensive study of the field, and particular insight let me create tools that help you meet your organization's needs.

Technology Consulting

I have two key traits that make me an ideal person to create your information technology strategy:
  • A huge and growing knowledge base. I am constantly learning about new technologies and industry practices. This gives me an arsenal of tools to apply to any problem.
  • Powerful analysis skills. I can dig to the core of any issue and discover the inner workings of complex systems. This lets me employ the available tools effectively.

Software Development

When you're ready to implement your technology plan, I'll bring together the best techniques, tools, and people to build it your project with quality and professionalism. I aim for superb workmanship in everything I does; you will gain the benefits of my dedication.

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